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CSA/SA Assistance Fund

At Bridges & Balm, our CSA/SA Assistance Fund is specifically focused on supporting the healing journey of individuals who have survived child sexual abuse (CSA) or adult sexual abuse (SA), perpetrated by someone within or associated with the fellowship. Our fund is committed to providing survivors with accessible, confidential, and personalized therapeutic support. Our approach is designed to respect the privacy and specific needs of each survivor, offering a safe and nurturing path towards recovery. This fund is not just a means of support but a symbol of our dedication to helping survivors of CSA/SA find the compassionate care and healing they rightly deserve.

Bridges & Balm collaborates with other survivor charities who provide professionals that help identify therapeutic support for a survivor’s specific needs.   Once an appropriate therapist is selected, Bridges & Balm will help fund therapy, either by funding the therapist directly or by helping fund the survivor charity. For more information on working with another survivor charity we collaborate with, please click here.  Please note that Bridges & Balm does not provide a direct dial-in for survivors needing professional assistance finding therapy.  

 For survivors who have already selected a therapist through other professional means, need non-traditional assistance, or have fallen through the cracks when trying to get assistance from other survivor charities, we evaluate assistance requests on a case by case basis.  Please contact us through our “Contact Us” link, send an email to, or leave us a message at (510) 626-0788.  If you want to communicate with us anonymously, please work through an advocate or set up an anonymous email account.  

CSA/SA assistance requests to Bridges & Balm are confidential, adhere to our strict privacy policies and are designed to be anonymous. When anonymity is desired, Bridges & Balm communicates with survivors via an anonymous email provider, their therapist or another third party. 


Are You Feeling in an Emergency Circumstance?  Click here.

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