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Bridges & Balm

Welcome to Bridges & Balm


We are a charity that cares deeply about helping people associated with the home church fellowship at any point in their lifetime. Our focus is supporting the financial and emotional well-being of resting and transitioning workers as well as survivors of sexual and emotional abuse. We strongly believe in the strength of community and generosity to make a positive difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Two Essential Funds for Support and Healing
Resting/Transitioning Workers Assistance Fund: 

This fund is dedicated to securing the financial well-being of ministers no longer active in the ministry. It's a resource for those who are resting or transitioning to a new phase in their lives and is intended to augment situations of financial inequity in the care of resting and transitioning workers. We understand the unique challenges faced by these individuals and are committed to providing the necessary support. 

CSA/SA Survivor Therapy Assistance Fund: 

This fund focuses on the healing journey by funding therapy for survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) or adult sexual abuse (SA). We believe in the importance of accessible and confidential therapeutic support for these individuals. Our process respects the privacy and specific needs of each survivor.

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