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CSA/SA Assistance Fund

At Bridges & Balm, our CSA/SA Assistance Fund is specifically focused on supporting the healing journey of individuals who have survived child sexual abuse (CSA) and adult sexual abuse (SA), perpetrated by someone within or associated with the fellowship. We understand the unique challenges and profound impacts these experiences have on survivors. Our fund is committed to providing survivors with accessible, confidential, and personalized therapeutic support. Our approach is designed to respect the privacy and specific needs of each survivor, offering a safe and nurturing path towards recovery. This fund is not just a means of support but a symbol of our dedication to helping survivors of CSA/SA find the compassionate care and healing you rightly deserve.

CSA/SA assistance requests to Bridges & Balm are anonymous. Bridges & Balm typically communicates with survivors anonymously via their therapist or another third party. Qualified therapists are selected by the survivor or with assistance from an independent third party.


Bridges & Balm is in the process of creating relationships with independent third parties with expertise in helping to connect survivors with trauma-informed therapists that can provide the appropriate level of care.  Once Bridges & Balm launches and these relationships are established, we will provide more specific information here on the process for requesting assistance.


In the interim, anyone with questions or comments on the CSA/SA assistance program and process can contact us via the Contact Us Link below or by leaving a phone message at (510) 626-0788 with your contact information if appropriate. 

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