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Donating to Bridges & Balm

Thank you for considering a donation to Bridges and Balm. Bridges & Balm is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations will be used solely to provide supplemental assistance to resting/transitioning workers, assist with therapy costs for CSA/SA survivors and for operational expenses to support those efforts.  All staff are voluntary and uncompensated, so all expenses relate to direct costs of operations. 


Bridges & Balm strives to adhere to the highest ethical standards regarding transparency into our  operations and policies.  Specifically, we are committed to adhering to the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Code of Ethics and the Donor’s Bill of Rights which was created by AFP and several other charitable associations.

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Donation Focus

Donations to a fund stay in that  fund indefinitely unless "Whichever Fund Needs it Most" button is selected.

Worker Donation Preferences

Workers with reasonably-substantiated allegations of CSA/SA are not eligible for assistance.  Click here for more information

CSA/SA Assistance Earmarks

Recommend this donation for a  specific survivor. more

Resting or Transitioning Worker Donation Preferenes

Donation preferences for workers will be honored for 1 year.  See Bridges & Balm Worker Preference Policies for more info

Left Work on own accord or in mutual agreement with overseers

Unilaterally dismissed by overseers

Left Work due to incompatibility or disagreement with regional overseers

Please fill in the worker’s name(s) you would like us to assist with your donation.   Click here for more information

Check box if donation replaces white envelope donation to this worker. more


Checking this box gives us permission to send you monthly fund status emails and newsletters

Checking this box enables you to display a name you choose on the donor page of the website.


Thank You For Donating!

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